Project 2011: SeedRobot

This year the contest consists of an art project where you have to build a seed planting robot. The seeds of water cress had to be planted in a plastic plate filled with layer of cotton or tissue paper. When planting the seeds the robot should also deliver some colored water. The seeds must be planted in an art-like manner (eg taking a picture of a person, making a robot painting,…). Since it will be used for an exhibition it must be fun to watch, so one can think of using leds to make a nice performance of the robot planting the seeds.

This project fits in a bigger project to build a robot that can print seeds on large areas.

The idea came from the Chalkbot used during the Tour De France. Lance Armstrong and is his “LIVESTRONG” foundation came up with the idea that frequently people write messages of inspiration to the riders or other fans to see. Chalkbot is a giant printer to which you can send short messages to keep the tradition of leaving messages of hope and support on the road of the Tour de France.